Our Group
Core services and expertise
Jefferson Group has over 15 years of experience engaging in investment advisory and asset management services. Jefferson Group serves exclusively professional and institutional clients uncovering unique and innovating solutions across a wider range of financial services. Our team is comprised of experienced investment professionals with deep industry knowledge who strive to bring innovation and efficiency and uphold the highest standards in their field of expertise.
A global reach
Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, Jefferson Group services clients worldwide through its network of 5 offices.
  • Jefferson Capital Limited is a London based, FCA regulated firm that provides comprehensive financial solutions including discretionary investment management and advisory, wealth structuring, capital and asset financing, alternative investment fund management and asset protection. Through our framework of licensed activity, we engage in the arrangement of deals on investments, safeguarding and administration of professional client’s assets.
  • Jefferson Capital SARL is a Geneva-based asset management company regulated by POLYREG in Switzerland.
  • Jefferson Capital Ltd is an investment advisory company incorporated in the Commonwealth of Bahamas and regulated by Securities Commission of the Bahamas.
  • Jefferson Trust Ltd is a licensed trust company regulated by the TCSP in Hong Kong.
The group’s global presence enables our clients to achieve their strategic cross border investment ambitions.