Wealth management
We understand the dynamics of the fast-past investment environment and we embrace it.
Jefferson Capital seeks to offer solutions that create value beyond the pursuit of return by merging traditions and innovation.
Portfolio management
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Our team is constantly looking for new asset allocation opportunities and strategies that will offer our clients both peace of mind and a competitive advantage.
Discretionary Mandate: We provide discretionary portfolio management while creating bespoke solutions for our clients. As you delegate your decisions to our team of experienced investment professionals, we will aim to ensure that your investment strategy meets your individual objectives, risk preferences and long-term goals.
Advisory Mandate: Investment world is defined by how efficient the information is being utilised while targeting alpha. Our team of investment experts are always at your service, providing you with comprehensive analysis, opinions, and suggestions for you to make informed investment decisions.
Proprietary investment strategies
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Jefferson Capital offers access to a range of innovative investment products:
Structured Products: Aiming at highly customized risk-return objectives, Jefferson Capital enables access to bespoke structured products for risk-averse clients
Investment Algorithm: An automated investment strategy that aims to capture the long-term growth of capital with better than the market risk-adjusted performance
Wealth and Tax Planning
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We believe that prudent planning can help investors to grow and preserve their wealth long into the future.
Jefferson Capital provides a comprehensive financial analysis that allows our clients to establish an in-depth plan to achieve an investment goal, understand their tax obligations, and deploy the best solution for wealth succession.